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The film Argentina on renewable energy project began using renewable energy

The animated feature international recognition that covers the main concepts of clean energy was exhibited at three locations in the Santa Fe. This time the projections were made outdoors thanks to the provision of photovoltaic panels. During spring functions will resume within the province.

With free admission, during the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday last week was screened at the santafecinas towns of Santa Isabel, Elortondo and Venado Tuerto, respectively, audiovisual production designed for children and adults about the benefits and importance of the renewable energies: “The Journey of Gaia”.

This is a film produced by the Undersecretariat of Renewable Energy Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Innovation and Culture of the Province of Santa Fe that seeks to raise awareness about the urgency to change our energy consumption habits and bring the public the concept of renewable energies, environmentally friendly.

While the animated feature film was released mid last year, receiving in November SUN GOLDEN PETIT FICMA prize in Barcelona, Spain, as part of the International Festival of Environmental Film, again surprised after the novelty of his projection outdoors by photovoltaic panels and a battery bank.

This initiative is carried out by Cinergia Audiovisual Productions and is called Eco Cinergia. However the idea of carrying out outdoor events thanks to the use of solar energy is nothing new for this company founded in 2008 and has already made over 250 functions allowing more than 150,000 people enjoy this experience.

With regard to the continuity of projections “Gaia’s Journey”, from the Ministry of Energy report that activities will resume once you pass the winter, because it is outdoors events. It is estimated that during the spring to resume activity in northern localities of the province of Santa Fe. You can watch on┬áputlocker.


Last modified July 11 2016 10:44:51 AM