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How much power does Internet?

Internet is not only for pr0n, but we also facilitates life in a tremendous way. But surely you’ve ever stopped to think how much energy Internet.

 In dod approved 8570 baseline certifications they have some figures, and the truth is that it is a lot. Internet depends on a steady flow of electricity to operate not only our computers, smartphones and tablets, but more importantly, the servers. .

Servers are large computers that is responsible for receiving requests and send responses, either by sending the required data to another server or you have them.

The problem of energy consumption Internet

How much energy Internet

Work at all hours, and process information constantly: in 2013 already processed 28,000 GB per second , and this figure has only risen over time, but fortunately also have become fashionable other practices such as cloud services that reduce the consumption by up to 86% compared to what wouldconsume if all businesses had their own servers.

How much energy Internet

Many data processing involves high consumption. Internet in 2011 and accounted for 2% of global electricity consumption . But does that mean they are always processing and spending? No, actually a good number of servers do absolutely nothing, or only reach 10% of capacity, waiting for the time whenyou get a lot of requests.

In fact, much of the Internet to keep power consumption does not come from the servers, but what surrounds it: the ventilation . Server farms can reach temperatures that damage the processor, so it is vital to implement air conditioning systems to prevent it .

The result is that in the US alone, it is expected that by 2020 consumption of 140.000 million kilowatt hours each year . A figure that should take into account as Internet use also extends to developing countries.


Last modified July 11 2016 10:44:51 AM