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ASO: The SEO of Applications

If you do SEO web, in mobile apps you have to do ASO.

How many apps you have installed on your smartphone? And in your tablet? How do you meet?

According to SEO specialist, more than 63% of searches come from facilities in major shopping apps: App Store and Google Play.

And how do we position ourselves for searches performed by users? The answer is ASO .

ASO stands for app store optimization and becomes more or less the same as the SEO web. ASO is the process of optimizing an app in order to get the first results appear when a user searches app stores. The more visibility you have a mobile application in the stores, the more likely to be found by users and therefore more likely to get downloads.


SEO, as we know all (or almost all), is the set of techniques that can be applied on a website so that it is positioned in the top search results on major search engines (Google). The ASO is based on the same concept, but led the mobile application stores.

The ASO process is like the SEO process: do not end with a single implementation. The process consists of ASO Keyword research, optimization of landing (record) of our app and monitoring. And back again!

Just as there are some SEO factors: on-page and off-page, we must work for the SEO work, there ASO factors: on-metadata and off-metadata , you also have to work to reach the top in App, said theĀ brisbane seo expert


  • App name : The name of an app should contain the main keywords why we want to be found and also be striking.
  • Description : The description of an app, in the case of Google Play, you must include keywords (without spam) and, in the case of Apple, should be used as a marketing weapon to captivate users.
  • Keywords : For Google Play do not have field “keywords”, while Apple itself. Use it with care!
  • Developer Name : That the name of the developer include keywords is good. In addition, the old developer is also an important factor.The most senior developers have more “strength” to rank.
  • Icon : The icon does not affect directly the ASO. However, it is essential to draw the attention of users. It is usually the first thing fixing. Hire a good designer!
  • Screenshots : As with the icon, screenshots chosen for the tab will not cause an app better position, but a good selection of screenshots that users will “die” for installation.
  • Facilities : The more facilities and faster we get, the better positioned it will be the application. There are different ways to get facilities: own channels, press releases, reviews on websites / blogs, marketing campaigns app display networks, social media, influencers, email marketing, etc.
  • Uninstalls : It ‘s good that users install an app. What is not so good it is that the removal ratio is high. It is an indicator that the product (app) is not as good as it should be. Ratings and Comments: The famous stars! The positive feedback directly affect the ASO of an app.But beware, do not buy ratings! That could be understood as “Black Hat ASO” and is punishable by Google and Apple.
  • Social signals : In the case of Google Play, the more +1, the better. In the case of Apple, the more “likes” of Facebook, the better.
  • Linkbuilding : Gossips say that in the case of Google Play, the links you receive an application URL improve ASO … Is it true?


The ASO is a new discipline within digital marketing. However, few companies take this into account in their app marketing strategies. For this reason, we carry out a good ASO strategy will enable us to strike a blow on the table and apart from the competition .


Last modified July 11 2016 10:44:51 AM