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An energy audit to reduce consumption of SEO / BirdLife

An energy audit as he has done Ecooo for SEO / BirdLife is a descriptive document and, at the same time practical. In addition to pointing ‘leaks’ also it offers solutions with a plan of measures ranging from simple and quick to the most costly in time and effort. The investment made to improve efficiency recovers thanks to  savings in electricity bills . The head of the building can consider an investment plan and calculate times in which what steps it will be taking and what savings will be receiving to have a return for the effort undertaken.

In the case of SEO / BirdLife, we will opt immediately for a series of measures that will allow reducing consumption by 25%, Asun Ruiz confirmed after examining the energy audit report. Install motion detectors for turning on and off lights, change the system of ballasts for fluorescent to a more efficient lighting, shading the terrace, adjust the operation of heat pumps and cooling and not allow electronic devices remain on  stand  by , because they consume even if they seem off, will serve for sensible savings of a quarter of the energy. And all thanks to a not very high economic investment.

The energy audit also a pleasant surprise in store. Our old building Melquiades Biencinto,  a brick building in 1925 , has obtained a general certification D, “a category that is above the average of conventional constructions” as explained Rodrigo Irurzun and Juan José del Valle, technical of Ecooo who have performed the analysis. This is because when SEO / BirdLife moved to this office conducted some reforms that improved the energy efficiency of the property and also because the implementation of Environmental Management System has been further enhancing our use of energy.

Explained and Ramón Martí, director of territorial coordination of SEO / BirdLife and responsible  environmental management in our NGO : “Remember that SEO / BirdLife pioneered environmental responsibility when in 2009  the first Spanish conservationist NGOs in getting AENOR certification  for its Environmental Management System ISO 14001 “standard. With such measures we ensure that efficient use of resources such as water, energy and office equipment is made and properly gestionaan waste and emissions, said Martí.

The bet for years for good environmental management of SEO / BirdLife has taken a le ap forward to insist on energy saving. First, we conducted a survey to members  in which the vast majority requested Advised to put renewable and almost 90% of them voted for solar as the most appropriate.With this social demand in hand, in 2013,  we signed an agreement with Ecooo to develop responsible renewable energy and to promote the transition to a cleaner and sustainable energy model. Therefore, we become producers of solar energy becoming an “action” in the  Solar Wave ~ Social Lebrija (Sevilla) . We are so  c otitulares of a photovoltaic plant  located on the roofs of schools and other municipal buildings in the Seville town. This also show our support for solar energy on deck, an example of  renewable energy charge based on consumption and decentralized production of electricity and minimal impact on the natural environment and that is the only type of photovoltaic development the betting seo bangkok, a company with a high cooperative component and environmental commitment.

The energy audit is just now making the next step in this agreement with Ecooo energy to reach excellence. And there is a final breakthrough that we are willing to give, as is the placement of photovoltaic panels producing electricity in our own headquarters. However,  the latest regulations of the electricity market and the energy system approved by the Government , which put enormous legal and economic barriers to consumption, are hindering this to take place. Our struggle is now trying to reverse these retrogressive Administration laws that are preventing democratization and improving energy.


Last modified July 11 2016 10:44:51 AM