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North Carolina passes a Renewable Energy and Efficiency Portfolio Standard for CHP.
August 2007

U.S. EPA Launches New Web Site for CHP Partnership
August 2007

The U.S. EPA is pleased to announce the launching of its new Web site for The Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Partnership.  New project development resources are now available and portions of the Web site have been streamlined to improve the access to existing tools and information.  Some of the changes include the following:

  • Revised Funding Database - To build on the popularity of the original funding database, we have made the new funding database easier to navigate by including updated tabs and organizing the information by type of project and the type of incentive.  Please visit the new Funding Database, at:
  • Revised Project Developer's Page - The Streamlining Project Development Web page, consolidates a number of different resources into a single location, using a common navigation menu.  This descriptive resource helps to guide users through the entire procurement process: from analyzing site-specific technical potential for CHP to operations and maintenance of a completed CHP system.  The guide also highlights various tools and resources that might be helpful at each stage of the CHP development process.  This newly consolidated guide is available at:
  • Improved Basic Information on CHP - More background information on CHP is included, such as a section on CHP using renewable fuels (a new home for information about biomass and biogas utilization for onsite power generation), as well as resources for quantifying the efficiency and reliability benefits of CHP compared to conventional separate heat and power generation.  Please visit the new Basic Information Web page, at:
  • More to Come - Over the next few months, we will be posting several reports currently under development to the new Web site, such as the Biomass CHP Catalog of Technologies - a follow-up to our CHP Catalog of Technologies.  The Biomass CHP Catalog of Technologies will provide in-depth information on technology applications, the project development process, and other important considerations when building a biomass-fueled CHP system.

The CHP Partnership will be announcing several new tools and resources over the next few months to CHP Partnership members.  For more information on joining the CHP Partnership, please visit:




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