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Detailed reviews have been performed on a number of selected sites. For these sites Site Summaries (1 page), Fact Sheets (2 pages), Case Studies (4 pages), and detailed Site Reports (10 to 20 pages), are available. Some sites may have information that has been provided by others, such as vendors, installers, government agencies, universities, or professional associations. This information, where available, will be found in the column for "Other". The Information provided by others has been reviewed for reasonableness, but has not been verified for accuracy.

Installation Database -- A searchable database of CHP system installations.

Installation Documents -- A list of Site Summaries, Fact Sheets, Case Studies, Site Reports and other documents related to CHP System Installations.

Contacts Database -- A searchable database of contacts associated with CHP installations.

Over time, additional information will be added to the database based on research, studies and from information submitted by others, including you. If you have information about a CHP system, not found in our database, please help us update the database by providing us with the information. A user-friendly input form is available if you would like to provide us with system information. If you would like to be included in the Contact Database, please provide us information about you in the survey form available here.


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