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Success Stories

Chesapeake Office Building, at the University of Maryland, College ParkThere are many types of buildings across the US already benefiting from integrated systems for cooling, heating and power. These systems use a variety of on-site or near-site power generation technologies integrated with a variety of heating and/or cooling technologies. A searchable database (a tabular listing of information on various installations) and a list of variety of documents, varying in the extent of details about slected installations, are available for your perusal. The scope of these documents includes: Site Summary (1 page), Fact Sheet (2 pages), Case Study (4 pages), and/or detailed Site Report (10 to 20 pages).

A brief summary of some success stories are provided here, for the following installations:



The database contains tabular listings of information on CHP system installations across the United States and includes, but is not limited to, the following information:

  • Site Name
  • Location
  • Project Status
  • Building Type
  • Building Size
  • Project Description
  • Reasons for choosing CHP
  • Design Issues
  • Operating Schedule
  • Heating Load
  • Sensible Cooling Load
  • Latent Cooling Load

For the convenience of the users, the database is searchable by the following parameters:

  • State
  • City
  • Building Type
  • Power Technology
  • Cooling Technology
  • Heating Technology
  • Dehumidification Technology

Search Database

Fact Sheets

Fact sheets for already installed, or planned to be installed, CHP systems highlight the following information:

  • Site Description
  • System Configuration
  • Financial Statistics
  • Energy/Financial Analysis
  • Results
  • Additional Considerations

These CHP System Fact Sheets are currently available from the database.



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