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How much power does Internet?

Internet is not only for pr0n, but we also facilitates life in a tremendous way. But surely you’ve ever stopped to think how much energy Internet.

 In dod approved 8570 baseline certifications they have some figures, and the truth is that it is a lot. Internet depends on a steady flow of electricity to operate not only our computers, smartphones and tablets, but more importantly, the servers. .

Servers are large computers that is responsible for receiving requests and send responses, either by sending the required data to another server or you have them.

The problem of energy consumption Internet

How much energy Internet

Work at all hours, and process information constantly: in 2013 already processed 28,000 GB per second , and this figure has only risen over time, but fortunately also have become fashionable other practices such as cloud services that reduce the consumption by up to 86% compared to what wouldconsume if all businesses had their own servers.

How much energy Internet

Many data processing involves high consumption. Internet in 2011 and accounted for 2% of global electricity consumption . But does that mean they are always processing and spending? No, actually a good number of servers do absolutely nothing, or only reach 10% of capacity, waiting for the time whenyou get a lot of requests.

In fact, much of the Internet to keep power consumption does not come from the servers, but what surrounds it: the ventilation . Server farms can reach temperatures that damage the processor, so it is vital to implement air conditioning systems to prevent it .

The result is that in the US alone, it is expected that by 2020 consumption of 140.000 million kilowatt hours each year . A figure that should take into account as Internet use also extends to developing countries.

ASO: The SEO of Applications

If you do SEO web, in mobile apps you have to do ASO.

How many apps you have installed on your smartphone? And in your tablet? How do you meet?

According to SEO specialist, more than 63% of searches come from facilities in major shopping apps: App Store and Google Play.

And how do we position ourselves for searches performed by users? The answer is ASO .

ASO stands for app store optimization and becomes more or less the same as the SEO web. ASO is the process of optimizing an app in order to get the first results appear when a user searches app stores. The more visibility you have a mobile application in the stores, the more likely to be found by users and therefore more likely to get downloads.


SEO, as we know all (or almost all), is the set of techniques that can be applied on a website so that it is positioned in the top search results on major search engines (Google). The ASO is based on the same concept, but led the mobile application stores.

The ASO process is like the SEO process: do not end with a single implementation. The process consists of ASO Keyword research, optimization of landing (record) of our app and monitoring. And back again!

Just as there are some SEO factors: on-page and off-page, we must work for the SEO work, there ASO factors: on-metadata and off-metadata , you also have to work to reach the top in App .


  • App name : The name of an app should contain the main keywords why we want to be found and also be striking.
  • Description : The description of an app, in the case of Google Play, you must include keywords (without spam) and, in the case of Apple, should be used as a marketing weapon to captivate users.
  • Keywords : For Google Play do not have field “keywords”, while Apple itself. Use it with care!
  • Developer Name : That the name of the developer include keywords is good. In addition, the old developer is also an important factor.The most senior developers have more “strength” to rank.
  • Icon : The icon does not affect directly the ASO. However, it is essential to draw the attention of users. It is usually the first thing fixing. Hire a good designer!
  • Screenshots : As with the icon, screenshots chosen for the tab will not cause an app better position, but a good selection of screenshots that users will “die” for installation.
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  • Facilities : The more facilities and faster we get, the better positioned it will be the application. There are different ways to get facilities: own channels, press releases, reviews on websites / blogs, marketing campaigns app display networks, social media, influencers, email marketing, etc.
  • Uninstalls : It ‘s good that users install an app. What is not so good it is that the removal ratio is high. It is an indicator that the product (app) is not as good as it should be. Ratings and Comments: The famous stars! The positive feedback directly affect the ASO of an app.But beware, do not buy ratings! That could be understood as “Black Hat ASO” and is punishable by Google and Apple.
  • Social signals : In the case of Google Play, the more +1, the better. In the case of Apple, the more “likes” of Facebook, the better.
  • Linkbuilding : Gossips say that in the case of Google Play, the links you receive an application URL improve ASO … Is it true?


The ASO is a new discipline within digital marketing. However, few companies take this into account in their app marketing strategies. For this reason, we carry out a good ASO strategy will enable us to strike a blow on the table and apart from the competition .

Is a battery for e-cigarette safe?

You probably it has seen on the News , or seen it on the Internet. Stories of a man to the to your electronic cigarette you exploded in your hands. More recently, have emerged stories approaches of batteries type eGo fire or explode while they are loading. And lately is already coming to the dissemination of videos clearly false. Our batteries, our essential electronic cigar accessories, are based in the technology of ion of lithium. And due to the nature of the chemical, batteries of lithium rechargeable possess risk inherent, there is no doubt.


Technology of the battery not changed long during the years, but instead see the same batteries rechargeable in formats different more compact , and packed more firmly.This no only creates a battery more strong, by density chemical energy, but also more dangerous. The cigarettes electronic non the unique devices susceptible of explosions of its battery. Laptops and mobile phones also is they burned and explode its is makes them inappropriate.


A battery defective or used incorrect can overheating. This can do your cells from deteriorating and establish a chain reaction with other cells that make the battery explode. In a process called to thermal barrage, batteries of lithium can swell or exploit ultimate If not is take measures quickly.


They are electronic cigarettes nor its accessories. They are the batteries.


The danger inherent of the battery of lithium is the potential to ignite a fire. The l ITE has a high potential electro-chemical and so is use in many battery common. Thelithium has a bass weight Atomic, that reduces the mass of batteries. However is produces much energy while is move to the electrode, together with a large amount ofheat. Much more compact is the battery, higher it will be the chance of that overheating.


As all best electronic cigarette in the UK accessories must be careful when choosing them, various devices have outputs of power different and so require Accessories and modelsspecific it battery. Using a battery is too small for a particular device increases the risk of ventilation, overheating and can be reached at exploit.


While the lithium is extraordinary for the manufacture of cells electric, This makes that is deep reagents. The lithium is a Metal alkaline addition of sodium, andpotassium. These components are deep fuels and reagents up to the point that getting a pair of grams in water haran blast. So when it heats an lithium battery, the lithiumin it can speed the decomposition of the different units producing chain reaction.


As regards the cigarettes electronic, the explosion of batteries are they attribute to error user, no a malfunction of the devices or accessories by themselves.
For example, a battery will not be under the same requirement depending on the resistance of our cigarette. Resistances of electronic cigarettes are a fundamental part in the equation of power and consumption, wrong calculations can end badly.
As we said that batteries are prepared for the demands of cigarettes electronic and vapping low resistance or high power, but we must be aware that they are not harmless accessories.


These are some Tips from Security Basic for the use of a battery for e-cigarette:


  • For devices with battery fixed (eGos), only use the accessory charger provided by the manufacturer.
  • Not oncharge batteries.
  • Before of use mods mechanics and repairable, learning approaches of Ohm’s law.
  • Not stack battery in mods mechanics.
  • Be sure to of use the battery suitable for your device.
  • Not leave unattended batteries in cars, the Sun u other places where can be submitted to high temperature.


If ever listen to your battery making a noise whistling Remove the battery of the load or vapeo device and put it in a place insurance up which is cool. Get rid of it. Byou aterías tend to explode bass high pressure, no only because is are using in a cigarette electronic. 
In short the batteries are all insecure our common sense allows us to, do stupid things with them, is dangerous. Normal use allows safely vapping.

A New Perspective on Energy

Integrated systems for cooling, heating and power (CHP) for buildings incorporate multiple technologies for providing energy services to a single building or to a campus of buildings. Electricity to such buildings is provided by on-site or near-site power generators using one or more of the many options: internal combustion (IC) engines, combustion turbines, mini- or micro-turbines, and fuel cells. In CHP systems, waste heat from power generation equipment is recovered for operating equipment for cooling, heating, or controlling humidity in buildings, by using absorption chillers, desiccant dehumidifiers, or heat recovery equipment for producing steam or hot water. These integrated systems are known by a variety of acronyms: CHP, CHPB (Cooling, Heating and Power for Buildings), CCHP (Combined Cooling Heating and Power), BCHP (Buildings Cooling, Heating and Power), and IES (Integrated Energy Systems).

CHP systems provide many benefits, including:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Improved power reliability
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Improved environmental quality
The Southeast CHP Application Center (CHPCenterSE) was established in August 2004 for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Its mission is to provide application assistance, technology information, and educational support in the Southeast United States.

The objective of this site is to provide you with information on CHP for buildings to facilitate your decisions relating to these systems. Information on the site has been organized to address anticipated needs of various user groups. Click on a link of your choice to learn about some of the basics, benefits, success stories and much more.

As you move through the site available sub-topics will appear in the list of links, on the left of the page, below the link for the major category currently open. The footer for each page also contains links to all the major sections of this Website and the major organizations providing support for it.



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